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The no-nos

1. No flaming (One will get you warned, the second will get you banned )
2. No Trolling (this will result in anon. posting being dis-allowed for a fairly long amount of time (which I haven't yet decided on yet)
3. No bashing/flaming any of Stuarts movies (this means Queen of the Damned for the most part)

and lastly but not leastly

Keep everything you post Stuart-oriented, or somewhat related to Stuart, anything else will be deleted.

Posting of Stuart Pictures or icons is allowed, promoting your communities is not (unless that are indeed Stuart-related) This also means no VC-book related communities. The VC-movie Queen of the Damned is fine though (No Charlize communities unless it is from the movie Trapped or any other movie she's worked with Stuart in)

Also be warned the moderator of this community (cinderjewel) is not Charlize-friendly

This community is for Stuart Townsend Not too many rules. Just get along. No fighting.

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